What Skills You Need to Work in Pest Control Management

Pest control management jobs are a diverse field that requires technicians to possess several skills. They include:

Paying attention to detail

One must be able to see physical signs of the pest or its characteristics to determine the chemicals that will kill the pest. Moreover, one should be careful to use the correct portions of the chemicals to achieve the desired results. A weak chemical composition may not eradicate the pest. The management team should be able to identify factors encouraging pest infestation and deal with them immediately.

Customer relations

Customer relations are crucial for pest control management. Pest control companies with friendly and polite employees attract more customers. At times, customers panic because of the presence of pests in their houses or offices. Pest control technicians should offer emotional support in such instances. Pest control management team needs to explain to the customers preventative measures to take to avoid infestation by pests.

Mathematics skills

Pest control management requires basic mathematics skills. One should be able to quickly calculate the amount of chemical to be applied in a home or office. The amount of chemical to be used should be determined by the size of the infested area and the number of pests among others. A customer’s bill should be calculated based on the amount of chemical to be used and the amount of work required to eradicate the pest.

Time management

Pest control management requires time management skills in order to attend to many clients in the shortest time possible. Moreover, the customer’s time should be saved to avoid inconveniences.

Effective communication skills

A pest control technician needs to communicate effectively to his or her customers. Moreover, one needs to be a good listener and be able to take instructions from the customer. The technicians need to ask questions as appropriate and avoid interrupting the customer unnecessarily. Use of non verbal cues when talking with a customer is inevitable. One may node and smile to show the customer they are happy and willing to offer assistance.

Critical thinking

A pest control technician needs to identify the pest and know the pesticides to eradicate the pest. Depending on the pest present, the technician must decide whether more than one treatment option is required. In addition, he or she should be able to think independently and act with speed.


A pest control technician should be ready to interact with customers from different social class, races and backgrounds. One should also be willing to visit diverse areas to attend to customers.

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