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Is Pest Control A Hard Job?

Is Pest Control A Hard Job?

Just as with every job, a job in the pest control industry comes with its own sets of challenges one needs to be prepared for. Other than that, being a pest control technician job is not hard at all as you get plenty of practical training and time to hone and develop your skills to the point where a case might already feel familiar without ever having stepped foot in the property that you are about to treat. Being a pest control technician means being busy every day and having that experience is part of that whole process. People who start in the pest control industry must be registered to take a course overseen by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks and then sit an exam for the theoretical part. For the practical part, a trainee or technician must undergo at least three months of practical training to familiarize himself or herself with the physical aspects of the job and responsibilities that await the future exterminator.

Most technicians become highly-skilled after a year or two due to the similarity of the cases and the frequency of calls concerning the same pests. Unlike humans, pests are highly predictable and follow a set of behaviors that one gets to learn about when being in the field itself. The job in itself is highly rewarding because it is the job’s nature to provide services for your fellow community members no matter where you go and it is always bound to put a smile on people’s faces. People are often in distress when they call a pest control service and want the situation to get taken care of as soon as possible, so stepping in their house is being more than welcomed. 

The reputation of a pest control technician has changed dramatically over the years as it is now seen as an essential service especially in cities that are close to wildlife or cities that often get plagued by pests. Cities like  Toronto or Vancouver have a presence of various pests such as cockroaches, ants, mice, and rats among others. Considering all factors, it is not strange at all that the pest control is experiencing a surge in talent acquisition to combat the spike in pest control calls made by frantic residents. The job pays good and starting pay can range between $35,000 to $40,000 and increases with experience and certifications held. A career in the industry is truly a career that rewards! 

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