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What to Expect Working in Pest Control

What to Expect Working in Pest Control

Pest control is a lively field where anyone can expect anything to happen seconds notice. The pest control job is full of surprises and excitement that make it never the same because of the pests you will encounter, the people you meet, and the places you will need to go to finish the job. Even though it is a job full of twists and turns, one can expect these events or things to happen in any kind of pest control call. 

Be prepared to travel a lot. Being in pest control means going from house to house, business to business, or alternating between them. As you will have cases to solve that span several cities of your service area, be prepared to spend significant time on the road. To be a pest control technician does not require you to have a license, but to fulfill the responsibilities and tasks that you were hired to do, does require you to move from place to place in time to get the next job completed.

One might not necessarily think of the pest control industry as an industry where communication is essential, but as much as you have to deal with pests you have to deal with humans. Yes, there might be some times where you find yourself dealing with people more than the actual pests that you were assigned working on, but you have to understand that these people are often emotional and upset that their normal way of life is upturned by crawling little critters. It is up to you as a pest control technician to show who’s boss in this situation and to assure and reassure that everything is being done with expertise and knowledge. People might be irrational at times and that is just part of being in a service-driven industry. 

Being a pest control technician means often coming face to face with out-of-control infestations. Some infestations might be in such a state where alternative solutions are needed or where one of your colleagues need to step in together to bring this case to a successful end. Being spooked by pests is one thing as we all are human and driven by instincts, but being scared of pests contradicts your job position. While this might be an exaggeration, it still is a job full of creeping and crawling insects that need handling. If none of these aspects of the job faze you, congrats! This really might be the job for you!  

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