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Canadian Pest Management Association - What does it do

Canadian Pest Management Association – What does it do

CPMA is a group of like-minded people in the pest control industry who want to explore, together, better and safer ways of treating serious pest issues like cockroaches, rats and bed bugs which have become a pandemic in the cities of the world. They are not directly associated with the Ministry of the Environment and do not have any direct accreditation from any governing body but are a valuable and necessary resource for all pest control exterminators and technicians. One of the primary services they offer is meetings and conventions oriented towards educating and coming together to resolve issues that are plaguing society. As said on the website, an ever-changing social and political landscape with no one seems to know what is coming next the CPMA is at the forefront of new pest-control technology and new advancements in pesticides and pesticide alternatives. 

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In order to be involved in this club, you must be a member in good standing. Membership in the CPMA is a unique chance to gather with the best of the industry and to learn cutting edge advancements in pest control. They also allow members of provincial pest control organizations to purchase a membership for far cheaper than if you were alone exterminator. The key to this group of people is that, unlike the government, are not restricted in their exploration of alternative treatments for dangerous infestations and can then pass that information on to the ministry. They believe that through this partnership Ontario can dramatically improve the pest control industry from top to bottom and with the help of on-the-ground exterminators and larger extermination companies constantly finding new ways of pest control that are safer than the previous methods. 


They also offer incredible resources that can be used by exterminators all over Ontario and Canada to help them in general work, from cleaning pesticide sprayers to treating a difficult cockroach issue. Updated information is constantly logged so that all members can stay completely up to date on all changes in ministry guidelines and any new advancements in the field. What is more is they also run a career center where a trainee or technician or licensed exterminator can find a position that would have otherwise been nearly impossible to find on normal head hunter websites. So if you are an exterminator and you are not yet a member of CPMA then you should consider joining today, it will save you money, headaches and give you the professionalism you need to be the best. 


CPMA is also connected to NPMA which is a training center for soon to be licensed exterminators, covering all aspects of the job from health and safety to mixing of pesticides, storage, application, travel and disposal in world-class education certification programs that provides the pest industry with a unified voice to train new recruits to the cause. They can help connect you with a job in any company that is a member and can offer unparalleled access to ongoing and updated information regarding the ministry’s politics and standards. Make sure to check all the benefits you can access as a member.