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Who is The SPMAO and what Does It Do

Who is The SPMAO and what Does It Do


Who We Are

SPMAO is the single largest and the oldest professional Structural Pest Management Industry Association in the province of Ontario. What does that mean for exterminators in Ontario who become members of this association? Just about everything you could need, every change in any type of information related to your job fully accessible and easy to search or browse. Any changes in the safety regulations of the ministry regarding disposal, reclassification of pesticide chemicals or introductions of new chemicals to existing classes, all of this will be accessible. They have all safety standards accessible from one place, if the ministry changes how it wants you to store pesticides or how you need to prepare them for travel then you will know in no time at all and it will have been condensed and rewritten in a way that is fast and easy to understand. Without this association, many structural pest control companies would have enormous issues updating their safety standards and making necessary changes to the way they deal with pest treatments. 

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This association is highly experienced from decades of work in the industry, they are a professional association exclusively for the Structural exterminator class for licensed exterminators in need of constant updates to the ministry guidelines that must be followed for all of our safety. 


They offer training and workshops and seminars that will help any exterminator become more professional, more safe and even better with clients. They can use the website to obtain their license after performing the ministry exam set up by Guelph University in Ontario. They will also keep you current on the latest policies and most importantly the politics of the pest industry which can be a very difficult process for most exterminators on their own. That is why SPMAO makes sure to notify all of its members of any change in politics relating to extermination, changes in policies and safety as well as changes in chemical storage, production, use, storage, travel and disposal. 


The greatest offering that SPMAO can give is the annual Conference. Two solid days of incredible and easy to grasp information that services all licensed structural exterminators in the province of Ontario. While you will need to get a ticket, at the welcoming price of $179.00 a night and often held at a large conference room in a local airport adjacent hotel. The best way to guarantee you will be able to get in is to preregister but tickets go fast and missing this conference can impact your success for the year. 


A fantastic advantage to being a member of SPMAO is that you can be placed on a special list of skilled licensed structural exterminators for large companies and industry can find the best of the best exterminator to handle their very large or complex job. Extermination companies can also use the database to find new hires that already have the experience and training to go straight into the field. Without the help of NPMA you may have trouble finding work or even getting your license.