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Benefits of Pest Control Management Career

Benefits of Pest Control Management Career

As long as there is food available, there will always be pests around. Whether it is rats in your farmhouse barn or cockroaches in your city apartment kitchen, it seems there is no way to completely rid yourself of pests. This chronic problem has led to the flourishing of pest control as a profession. The professionals are well trained and fully equipped to deal with any and every type, size and number of pests that are making the victim’s life a living hell.

Benefits of pest control management as a career

Exterminators are the people involved in getting rid of the pests or at the very least controlling their population. Pest Control is a very rewarding career with a good number of perks. These include:

  1. Good pay. A rookie exterminator can earn at least 12 US Dollars per hour with an estimated average of 42,000 dollars per year in some states. This may not be enough to get one into the elite 1% but it is no mean feat. The salary and benefits are a whole lot better for a person working in the pest control profession under the federal government and under self-employment.
  2. Experience in pest control is useful everywhere. Working in the field of pest control leaves the person with a wealth of knowledge about many different pests and how to deal with them. This comes in handy both while at work and off the clock. In the unfortunate event that an exterminator encounters a poisonous snake or spider in their own home, they have better chances of getting rid of them without getting hurt due to their training.
  3. Great working hours. Despite the fact that there is possibly no home that is completely pest free, professionals in the pest control business rarely have to work odd hours or long ones. More often than not, clients make appointments with the exterminator meaning that the latter have the freedom to choose when and how long they will work. There is an exception in emergency cases, especially where the clients’ lives might be at risk as seen in poisonous pest infestations.
  4. Better self-employment chances. All that you need to start your own pest control business is a legal permit, potential clients, a good set of tools and your experience in handling pests. This makes staring up and managing the business on your own easier than most other professions.
  5. The professional has several extermination methods to choose from. As an exterminator, you have an endless list of tools and methods that you can use to handle a pest infestation problem. These range from poisoned bait and traps to fumigation and burning. The choice of method to use will depend on the type of pest and the degree of infestation. The variety makes the job a whole lot more exciting by eliminating monotony.
  6. Endless demand for services. As stated at the beginning of this article, pests will always be present where there is food. So in essence, you can never really get rid of them completely. This means that professionals in pest control will never run out of work to do.