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How Long is Pest Control Training? 

How Long is Pest Control Training? 


One of the conditions that the Ministry of Environment sets is that every trainee or assistant wanting to become a licensed pest control technician or a licensed exterminator is that each candidate needs to complete the practical training. The practical training involves shadowing and completing jobs under the direct supervision of a licensed exterminator. The first place to find apprenticeships is to go to several job sites. Often you can also go the direct route and go to the pest control company that is local to you. On job sites most apprenticeships will advertise the practical training as a normal job post. When you already are in the lucky position of working for a pest control service already, you might ask your supervisor or directly to your boss to make arrangements. Most companies, if all will actually encourage you to get the necessary certifications to be able to take on more responsibility. Typically the practical training ranges to three months and must take place at least 1 day a week. Your duties will be all supervised by a licensed exterminator who will evaluate your progress, knowledge, skills, and correct application of pesticides which constitutes an essential part of the training since it is directly related to the safety and well-being of the people and colleagues around you. With all of that said, applying for an apprenticeship is no different than applying for a regular job assuming that you are already familiar with the basics of pest control and knowing what the job entails. Pest control relies a lot on transferrable skills meaning that your past practice skills, if related to the pest control industry will be greatly appreciated. Jobs such as construction work, handyman work, carpeting, and anything that requires physical strength and good dexterity will be highly considered. 

Some requirements that you might run into when looking for a pest control training position or apprentice position are :


  • High-School Diploma  equivalent.
  • Valid driver’s license / clean driving record.
  • Will have to undergo a criminal background check;
  • Ability to manage and work as part of a team.
  • Working with power tools. 
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Strong decision making skills.
  • Some may ask for a structural license, if not the pest control company will help you obtain it.

Keep in mind that these apprenticeships function as a normal job with regular 8-hour shift days and are paid positions as well.