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Is pest control considered an essential service in Ontario?

Is pest control considered an essential service in Ontario?

Pest Control in Ontario can be indeed considered an essential service seeing that there always is a content demand for it no matter the situation. The pandemic had virtually no effect on pests roaming the Greater Toronto Area, but in fact actually saw a strong rise in the pest activity. This is due to the lack of reliable food sources for the pests. An increase of rodent activity has been reported as a direct consequence of the pandemic. The reason for this is because rats and mice can no longer go to restaurants that were providing them with food.Instead rats and mice have moved to residential neighborhoods to try their luck their. If anything that this pandemic has taught us is that pest activity stops for nobody and no one. In a time where all Canadians more or less are meeting the same fate, the need for competent pest control technicians is growing. The lack of manpower and a surge in calls may lead to an overload in the entire industry. Take into account that seasons are shifting which can also affect how pests handle the pandemic. With all this going on it is not strange that the demand for skilled pest control technicians is growing every day.

Without pest control technicians rats and mice would run rampant. Toronto and other major urban hubs have a great pest presence especially when the city is close to wilderness the chance to have wildlife intruding your home is even greater. Toronto isn’t nicknamed raccoon city for no reason. Wildlife animals in urban cities rely a lot on a steady food supply they can get from dumps and garbage bins. Now that restaurants  are  operating a minimum capacity, the chance of finding a good grub get slimmer by the day with tightening restrictions. The fear of a second wave or multiple waves hitting in the future might cause rats and other pests to find  a permanent place in residential areas where there is always of guaranteed steady source of food. 

Pest control service is for this reason considered an essential service because it keeps wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats at manageable population where they do not have the opportunity to breed at an fast rate where they may expand their territory. This is especially important for cockroaches and ants that can form huge colonies is a short span of time.

Pest control is an essential service because it prevents pests and wildlife intruding in residential and business space to the point they become a threat to public health.