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Benefits of a Career in the Pest Control Industry?

Benefits of a Career in the Pest Control Industry?

The pest control industry is quite hidden and is an industry that not a lot of people think of when pursuing a career or looking for their next venture in life. The aviation and travel industry is heavily reliant on the state of the local and global economy, a career in pest control is always stable. Pest control is the type of industry that is more reliant on pests than actual people and world affairs. Instead, pest control is reliant on just a few factors that make the pest control industry very attractive to those that are looking for a stable career. Where people are present, pests will be present because they mainly look for three things: food, shelter, and water and those are exactly what homes and businesses offer. Keep reading to find out what the benefits of a career in the pest control industry are.

Always Hiring

The pest control industry, as mentioned before, is always an industry that is in motion, therefore there is always a constant need for new pest control technicians in the industry. As cities continue to sprawl and population continues to grow, so does the need for more pest control technicians. The pest control industry is active all-year-round which means that there is always a pest call made by somebody somewhere. Demand for pest control technicians is high, especially in the city of Toronto and surrounding cities, where we already took the  #1  spot for mouse calls made.

Quick turn-around to Obtain Certification and Training 

To obtain certification in Ontario one must complete all the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks (MECP). All the non-licensed assistants must complete two steps before being able to call themselves a technician. Step 1 involves applying to Ontario Pesticide Training & Certification, University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus.then studying all the core material before sitting an exam within 12 months. After passing the exam with a 75% passing score you will be given an Ontario Pesticide Training & Certification, University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus.

Step 2 Involves being evaluated on your practical skills by a licensed exterminator. Once she or he is satisfied, s/he will sign off on the required documentation. After this, you send in your paperwork and a copy of your  Technician Identification Card to the University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus within 5 working days to officially register as a Technician.

To become an exterminator, you apply for the Ontario Pesticide Training and Certification, University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus. You will be given study material and study material specific to your license category, which is related to the type of job you will perform. The exam consists of two parts. One core manual, relevant to all exterminators, 50 questions, and one license category-specific, 50 questions. The allotted time given is 2 and a half hours in total. For more information refer to

Freedom and Helping Your City

Working in the pest control industry means rarely spending time in the office, and always being on the move. If you do not like the idea of being cooped up in a stuffy office 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, then a job in the pest control industry might be something for you! Exterminators work regular shifts of 8 hours a  day and might work on the weekend depending on the pest control company. Apart from being free and being outside all day, working to better your fellow-citizens’ lives may be the best aspect of this job. You get to travel, make people happy, and earn money! Besides that, no day is the same. Every case you are work on involves new areas, different pests, and different people. So if you like meeting new people, exploring, and travelling while making a change in people’s lives, this is the job for you!