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What is your favorite part of being a pest control technician

What is your favorite part of being a pest control technician?

A lot of aspects of a pest control technician’s day can make a career in pest control very exciting. From driving to meeting new people and tackling problems. Pest control is a fascinating industry to be in especially in these times where there is an influx of pest calls made every day at any time of the day. The technician’s day does not only involve problem-solving and dealing with pests but also involves dealing with customers with make up a large chunk of the responsibilities. A lot of customers you are meeting would be in some kind of distress and anxiety so the first and foremost goal would to be the main point of communication. Every visit requires clear and transparent communication where will find yourself repeating and simplifying the steps for the customers so that they know what is going on. Customers can be one of the most challenging aspects that you will be working with even more so than with the actual pests. Before getting to the exterminating part there will be steps to take before. This is what often makes pest control a very fun profession to be in if you like problem-solving. The first step you usually undertake is finding out where the main source of the problem is. This requires a bit of investigation on your part and maybe the most exciting part of the whole process. You will notice that you have to switch many hats during your visit and this is what keeps the job interesting as you will rarely have to worry about a dull moment.  

Analyzing and coming up with a viable strategy is what makes the job challenging, but can be quite enjoyable as you will be putting the theory into actual practice. As mentioned before, communicating your steps is very important as the customer needs to be made aware of everything that is going on or what you are planning to do to avoid any dispute. For this reason, you must take photographic evidence as you got through the exterior and interior inspection. The most involved part of the job is the actual treatment and eradication. For this, your true skills and knowledge come into practice. Knowing what species and what pests you are dealing with is essential to full eradication. Finally, when everything is cleared, the proofing of the entry-points is the last and remaining stage. However, this may be an additional service extra cost based on the company that you are working for. 

Being in pest control is an exhilarating job and one that does not seem to be monotonous as there is always stuff to do or to take care of. If you like being busy, never having a dull moment, or constantly thinking about what is next, becoming a pest control technician.