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Why would anyone work in pest control?

You might think to yourself and wonder why anyone would work in pest control? All technicians do is work in dirty environments that are smelly. Unfortunately, all of them have a truth to them, but not to the extent you think. Most of our preconceived notions are formed through outdated job descriptions or through mass media. Contrary to popular belief, a career in the pest control industry is an interesting and exciting one where you can expect something new to happen every single day. Being a pest control technician means traveling to places, meeting new people, and working on cases you have never seen before. If you are a people person and love working outdoors this might be the perfect job for you. Pest control technicians are really a jack or jill of all-trades where being handy is an essential skill to have when you are tackling a wide variety of pests. 

If you love traveling as well this might be the perfect job for you. Pest control technicians start their day on the road and finish their day on the road coming back from different cities and neighborhoods across the service area that they might be familiar with or have never visited before. Your service area is truly your oyster. 

Having a pest control job as a pest control technician is automatically a rewarding one as you get paid by helping people as part of your job responsibilities and job duties. People are  more than eager to see you and often see pest control technicians as their last option. The gratefulness and the genuine happiness will really warm your heart as you improve their quality of life significantly by doing the best you can in eradicating all the pests that have been bothering your customers for weeks or even months on end. Coming home after a day full of hard work and knowing that you truly made a change in people’s lives will be as rewarding as it can get.

Being a pest control technician also automatically means to problem solve your way through cases as the cases that you will be assigned to are as varied and different as each day of the year. Having a career in pest control means a job full of surprises and full of variety as you do not know what you will be facing until you get there.

If you love people, change, traveling, and variety, a career in pest control might really be the job for you as t is rewarding and full of pleasant surprises you will not get after a day stuck at the office!